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churchsound This book and DVD are way more than just another manual for running a PA system! With almost two hours of video and audio instruction along with over 200 detailed illustrations, The Ultimate Church Sound Operator’s Handbook is written to specifi cally address the concerns and needs of the sound person who serves ministries and churches.

The modern church uses many of the same presentation tools that have become common in television, movies, recording studios, and concerts, placing a unique set of technical expectations on its eager, willing, and primarily volunteer force. 

This comprehensive handbook blends the relational and technical aspects of church sound in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. The Ultimate Church Sound Operator’s Handbook will provide a leg-up to church sound operators who want to do a great job, but who also need the perfect teaching tool—created specifically for them—to gain the knowledge needed to excel and succeed for their house of worship. 

The Ultimate Church Sound Operator’s Handbook features: 
• Qualifi cations for Being a Sound Operator 
• The Spiritual importance of Worship and Music 
• Live Sound Theory 
• Interconnect Basics: How to Connect Everything Together 
• Signal Processors: What They Do and How to Use Them 
• Microphones: What Work Best for What Application and Why 
• Wireless Systems 
• Basic Equipment Needs for Small, Medium, and Large Churches 
• Traditional and In-Ear Monitor Systems 
• Successful Sound Checks 
• Creating an Excellent Mix 

Sugg. Retail: $39.99

OUR PRICE: $34.99