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The AudioPro Home Recording Course Full Set

Now you can own over 760 pages of easy-to-understand, detailed instruction packed with hundreds of illustrations and over 7 hours of audio examples packaged in a special, sturdy slipcase.  This is the course that our online AudioPro Study Courses are based upon and there is no finer collection of instructional material available on the subject of producing excellent audio recordings. 

You'll get:

The Audio Pro Home Recording Course Vol. I

AudioPro Vol. I includes all the basics on the mixer, signal processing, guitar sounds, microphones, acoustic drums/percussion and synchronization/drum machines, plus an invaluable glossary of the most common terms used in recording. It's accompanied by two CDs full of information and audio examples and hundreds of illustrations to make learning for the beginning and intermediate student as painless as possible.

The Audio Pro Home Recording Course Vol. II

This follow-up to the first book is required reading for anyone who is conscientious about recording the right way. It uses helpful illustrations and lots of audio examples to present all you need to know about impedance and balancing; recording bass guitar, vocals, piano and synths; panning and stereo imaging; and the recording session itself, right through the final mix down. Bill Gibson gives you all of the information you need to master these techniques and produce incredible recordings! Features two CD's full of audio examples.

The Audio Pro Home Recording Course Vol. III

Gibson's classic techniques taught in the first two volumes gave you the foundation to hone your recording skills. The third volume focuses on the future of audio. Features include digital hard disk recording, MIDI sequencing, mastering with computers, CDR technology and more! Learn about audio hardware for computers, software comparisons and recommendation, even power user's tricks and tips! You'll discover secrets of the current state-of-the-art in a

Price: $144.95 while supply lasts
Sugg. Retail: $179.85

ID #: 330498
ISBN# 0-87288-736-7
Author Bill Gibson
Copyright 1996-1999, 3 softcover books with six compact discs

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