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Instantpro Series: Sound Advice on Equalizers Reverbs & Delays
If you want to produce recordings that sound impressive and musical, you need this book and CD! Theyíre filled with tech niques and examples designed to help your mixes come alive. Youíll soon understand how the controls on your equalizers and effects processors really work. Follow step-by-step equalization guidelines for recording and mixing guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocals and other popular instruments. Learn how to use reverbs and delays to set your music in a controlled, blended and dimensional space. Discover how to craft and shape each sound, creating a complete, perfect mix.
Price: $14.95

OUR PRICE: $14.95

ISBN# 1-931140-25-1
Author Bill Gibson
Copyright 2002, 80 pages, 6x9 softcover with audio compact disc
ID #: 331001