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At each phase of every project we hold a very high standard. We are firm in our belief that its much more responsible to build one excellent production than it is to build a hundred versions of mediocrity. Our commitment to excellence provides a solid foundation upon which to build a musical production. Check out some of our current and past projects to get an idea of what Northwest Music & Recording is all about.

buttonArtist: Jamie Dieveney
Genre : Contemporary Alternative Christian
Format: Stereo CD
Title: Heaven's Not Too Far Away

Description: Jamie is an exceptional musical talent. His vocal and arranging skills have brought great joy to thousands over the years. This album, a fresh new entry into the Christian music field, portrays Jamie’s unique and ground-breaking vision for new Christian music. Inspired by a unique blend of techno-pop, rock, and jazz this album is full of ground-breaking approaches to popular Christian music. "Heaven's Not Too Far Away" is available at Family Christian Store, Borders, and online at www.jamiedieveney.com.

Click the links below and hear for yourself.

Heaven's Not Too Far Away | Down on My Knees | Chain Reaction

buttonArtist: The Coats
Genre : Contemporary Country
Format: Stereo CD

Description: This album contains excellent singing, songs, and production. The Coats sing country with a full band. Songs range from sensitive ballads to rip-roarin' country rock. Check this one out!
Last a Lifetime | Tonight You're Mine | What You Do to My Heart | Mad Bull

buttonArtist: Faith Ecklund
Genre : Contemporary Christian
Format: Stereo CD

Description: Faith is an awesome young artist with great musical gifting and talent. This album includes some of her original songs inspired by her personal experiences. Faith is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Her vocal style and performance as well as her adjustment to life's challenges are at the core of her life-changing ministry.

Motionless | Morning Glory | Renew Me | I Need You Now

buttonArtist: The Coats
Genre : Contemporary Holiday
Format: Stereo CD

Description: The Caroler is an incredible Christmas album! The vocal performancews are wonderful and the musical tones and textures promise to be different than the other Christmas albums on your shelf. This is a classic!
Let It Snow | The Caroler | Miracle | Cookies | While By Our Sheep