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BillHeadBill Gibson (SEATTLE, WA)


To work together with a first-class team, developing innovative and intuitive media production tools that will be game-changers for the creative community, and then to communicate the realization of that vision to all who create, develop, compose, record, and release media, either for their own enjoyment or for release to the masses.


  • Green River Community College: 1973–1976 (Associate of Arts Degree)
  • Western Washington University: 1977–1979
  • The Evergreen State College: 1979–1980 (Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree)


  • Media content development: print, video, and electronic
  • Business networking and relationship development
  • Team development and management
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Large project coordination and management
  • Curriculum development
  • Developing, writing, coding, and delivering a professional manuscript
  • Music production
  • Recording engineering
  • Musical composition
  • Music performance: drums, guitars, bass, keys
  • Arranging for various ensembles: rhythm section, string section, big band, orchestra, etc.
  • Live sound
  • Teaching

Work Experience

Organizations and Industry Service

  • National Trustee for The Recording Academy: 2012–present
  • National Steering Committee for The Recording Academy P&E Wing: 2014–present
  • Member of National Advisory Board for The Recording Academy P&E Wing: 2008–present
  • Chairman of the Producers and Engineers Committee for the Pacific Northwest Chapter at The Recording Academy: 2009–2013
  • Screening, Craft, and Blue Ribbon committees for The Recording Academy: 2008–present
  • Board of Governors at The Recording Academy PNW Chapter: 2009–present
  • Audio Engineering Society: 1983–present
  • National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Recording Academy): 1995–present